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Mustard. It's the New Black

The last time we took a detour past the Richmond/Sea Cliff District entrance to Hell was last October. The site of the late, great Satanist Anton LeVey's all-black Victorian cottage on California Street was just an empty, sad shell of wet plywood while the DBI forced the builder to remove an illegal fifth story. Neighbors had ratted him out, but somehow there must be enough money in illegal 5th floors to have made it worth a try. Levey's original structure was demolished in 2001 and here we are, a mere six years later. Especially effective are the designer's attempts to bridge mid-century design to the east and the Edwardian to the west, fusing aluminum windows, projecting bays, and a thin eyebrow-like cornice. In mustard stucco. Puppies die and angels weep.
· Curbed SF Haunted Houses [Curbed SF]