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Rumblings and Bumblings: Currently Uninhabited

Where we ask your help in answering queries presented by you fellow readers. Got an answer? Taste the joy of the new comments section. Questioning? Email us at

1) Telegraph Hill: "What's with the tented building on the north slope of Telegraph Hill? It's either from Christo and Jean-Claude's White Period or someone hasn't paid off someone at the DBI. Been this way for months. Parrot Droppings?"
2) The DBI: has Amy found a new job yet?
3) Cole Valley-ish: The forever empty lot on Clayton and 17th (above): "The fence is up, the power is in and the pooper's set and ready to go. On the cusp of Cole Valley and Corona Heights. What's it going to be?"
4) Upper Haight: On Waller Street, a tipster asks "there's a lovely corner building that's been empty for decades and now is getting a fresh coat of paint. I've heard stories about it being haunted. My roommate says realtor types come by and drop notes through the security gate."