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Los Angeles to San Francisco in Ten Minutes by Video

From our sibs in LA, news of a high-speed rail line. We've heard they have these in foreign countries like France. As befits the world's seventh largest economy, the Calfornia High Speed Rail Authority is beginning the environmental review process. And to give us a better picture of who they are and what they're doing, they've got an video on Youtube. Not on Myspace or LiveJournal (angst later.)

So many questions. Will this run on existing Amtrack track? When you say 2.5 hours from LA to SF, do you really mean Oakland, or will some yet-unknown political strongman lube this thing into the Transbay Center? Are all those windmills in the background supposed to make us feel good and birds feel bad? Will there be a Car Train? Bar car?

If you do the math, It will be San Francisco to Disneyland in three hours. Priceless.
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