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Demolition by Any Other Name

[Photo credit: Telstar Logistics via Flickr]

Via email, we got a comment about our post on Supervisor Sophie Maxwell's successful attempt to seize control of residential demolitions in San Francisco. She thinks this will make her the next mayor. Perhaps it will. We think it will add to our stock of vacant dilapidated housing. But as Todd says:

Totally true. Demolitions are already extremely difficult, which is why we ended up gutting our orginal "sub-standard" house -- we merely thought of it as "squalid" -- so that virtually nothing but the facade remained. It cost more to do it that way, and it would have been preferable to tear-down, but but a top-to-bottom "remodel" was much easier than running the Kremlin-style permitting gauntlet that is the Planning Department. That's how we ended up with a house that at one point looked like this absurd hollowed-out shell... The Board of Supervisors is part of the problem, not part of the solution.[Bold by us] Check out his Project Precita- like LOTR, in three parts over three years, from beginning, during, and finally complete. When peace finally reigned.
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