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Curbed SF Contest: The Ugliest Building

Some days you get lucky. Someone throws the gauntlet, metaphorical or otherwise, for you to find after an especially alcoholic lunch at Zuni.

Marissa from Curbed LA reminds us about their Ugliest Building in LA contest. And there's a comment (yes, LA has a comments section, just hang on) from someone calling themselves "Ugly Police"

Please, oh please, LA curbed desk: ask your friends up here in San Francisco to run this contest. We have such a treasure trove of nastiness amongst our new buildings. The building department is practically an ugly machine. Our concentration of designers stuck in pomo gear is unrivalled. Please.So San Francisco, are you ready for one of your own? We'll announce the winner on Curbed's corporate holiday, April 1, although we'll post various candidates before that, and we expect comments to be up and active sometime this weekend. Residential, retail, ecclesiastic, it's all fair game, with one exception: The new Federal Building is exempt. It's just too easy a target. Please email your entry with a brief commentary on why your choice is the ugliest, along with a link, a jpg or a video to Just one prize: a gift cetificate to that paradigm of New Urbanism, In N' Out Burger. Our choice? The banal One Rincon Hill, above at left. Because if we wanted to live in San Diego, we would.
· Curbed LA Ugliest [Curbed LA]