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Where Are They Now?

Where are they now? All anyone wants to talk about is the sub-prime tsnunami. Except us.

68 Fair Oaks:: A very grand Stick Style house, this languished on the market last year, starting in the high $3M's. Relisted in 2007 by Payton Stiewe of Sothebys at $3.2M, and closed last Friday, after only 34 days, for $3.25M.

46 Digby Street: A big, original condition mid-century house (above) on the downslope of Diamond Heights, went into escrow quickly but took a while to close. Now it has. Sold for $1.95M, but was originally listed- an error subsequently corrected in the marketing materials- on the MLS at $949K. So until we go back to using clay tablets to record this stuff, realtors will be crowing about the house that sold for $1,001,000 over asking. From the same post, 2786 Broadway, the Pacific Heights home of the late, great San Franciscan James Schwabacker, Jr went into escrow last week. Was last listed at 9.5M, down from $12.5M.

818 Steiner Street closed very slowly (180 days from listing to close of escrow) at $3.4M, a high price for that neighborhood anyway. Spectacular renovation on Alamo Square at the edge of Hayes Valley, a few hundred feet from the Painted Ladies. Pricechopped? $550K.

And last but not least, 65 St Germain (above) on and off the market since being listed last year at $6.75M, appears to have gone into escrow. An evergreen staple at Curbed SF, 65 St Germain provided fodder for no less than eleven posts, starting with this one. Most recent asking price was $3.75M. From their lips to God's ears.

[Note: the price that a home is listed at often has no bearing to the what it closes escrow at, and no publicly available online source delivers the sale price in a time-sensitive manner. -Ed.]

Alamo Square

Steiner Street, San Francisco, CA 94117