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Rumblings and Bumblings

[Photo Credit: Mattymatt via Flickr

Where we steal a concept from NY and LA: you ask, we post, a third party spills the beans. Email us if you have the answers to these queries. Or just make something up.

1. What's up at Treat and 17th, above? Much concrete. Some framing. More more condo loftness? Hooker cribs? Both?
2. What's going on at the corner of 17th and Clayton? It's been fenced off for months, but nothing's happened. Except no one can park there anymore. Any dispossessed parkers want to rat out the project? We say that with love.
3. Jacob wants to know if there's a new hotel going up near the new Federal building. He wants to open a restaurant for those fine Federal folks. Hotel, anyone? Hotel?