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Is that a ghost town or are you just happy to see me?

[Photo Credit: © UC Regents]

Can we get Thursday and Friday off from work? Probably not, and that means we're going to miss two days of symposium catnip with The Future of Shrinking Cities. Lifted from the website of UC Berkeley's Institute of Urban and Regional Development:

This symposium brings together architects, engineers, urban and regional planners, developers, artists, and academics to examine the perspectives of a largely underrepresented topic: shrinking cities. “The future of shrinking cities - problems, patterns and strategies of urban transformation in a global context” is the presentation of a project carried out under the aegis of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, and the kick-off event of the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies' program area "Shrinking Cities in a Global Perspective."The basic premise being that we're so used to expanding our urban areas that planners are unprepared for dramatic population and demographic shifts. Crack for urban studies geeks. Free and open to the public.
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