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Make Pizza, Not War

[Photo credit: the Piccino sisters, making the dough, Loring S. via Yelp]

Piccino, now in the second month of soft opening, has begun serving pizza on the weekends. Still only open during the day. For those coffee addicts who must follow their baristas, Jamie has moved from the Blue Bottle on Linden to Piccino, where he's also making their yoghurt, preserves and granola to go with his coffee while holding court. Word is "Saturday lunch jammed." Tennesee and 23rd in Dogpatch. Not for the faint of wallet. Pizzetta 211 alumni.

Gialina? Seems Glen Park was starved for a properly made pizza, too. Our Special Glen Park Informant says tells us she'd love to be able to get in the door, and someday maybe she will. Then another tipster weighed in with

we went to Gialina last night after the Superbowl. The place was almost empty- maybe one other table- and the service was slow and inattentive, so no wonder you can't get in other nights. Damn good pizza, however.Gialina is the new restaurant of Sharon Ardina, formerly of Lime, and with the Canyon Ranch Market and Eggettes, part of the transformation of the previously depressing urban jumble that has been Glen Park. And you can get there by BART. Slightly to the north, Pizzeria Delfina continues to have it's detractors.The place is always overrun with happy people, but it is in The Mission, so we suppose someone's going to be bitter. We've never seen anyone crack a smile next door at Tartine, which may be the cosmic price of their sublime pastry. Sea Salt and Caramel? On 18th between Dolores and Guererro, the Bi-Rite peeps have opened their long-awaited gelateria, near the Dolores end of the block.
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