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Curbed SF Surprise: Great Stuff Sells

Perhaps things are picking up. While real estate sales in San Francisco never exactly died, things have seemed a tad sluggish. Like, it's been winter. Open houses this past Sunday were packed, timed perfectly to end before the Oscar pre-show. Trophy properties sell: 2960 Vallejo is in contract. A tipster last week commented that original condition-Esherick was being painted and staged. Sold for around $7M in what seems like seven minutes.

In contract after about ten days on the market: 2090 Pacific, #702. In a classic hispano-mediterannean apartment building (by H.C. Baumann?) from 1928, this top floor unit has a high, pitched and beamed ceiling in the living room and a beamed vault in the dining room, along with some wackily wonderful parabolic archways between rooms. Oblique North Bay views, one bedroom, one bath, parking, fireplace. Clearly awaiting someone's special touch. Like a bungalow in West Hollywood except on the seventh floor in Pacific Heights. $1,099,000.00
· 2090 Pacific, #702 [Sandra Bagnatori/TRI CB via MLS]