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Movin' On Up: The Federal Building

John King gives some muted praise of Thomas Maynes' Federal Building at Seventh and Mission, accompanied by an impressive series of photos. But above all (pun intended) this is a building that people will love or hate. We love. And as King rightly points out:

The city only grows stronger by exposure to fresh ideas -- including buildings that make you look twice, and make you think hard.And for those who wonder how this building could have happened, blame it on the Democrats. Mayne won the commission at the end of the Clinton Administration. King graciously leaves out the parts about $100M over budget and a year late. We may be able to expect kinder, gentler Federal employees in a building that has fresh air and daylight, but we can also expect the building to attract a steady stream of those who worship at the altars of architecture and green design. Not to mention Pritzger groupies.
· Towering Expectations [John King, SF Gate]

Federal Office Building (50 UNP)

90 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94102