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Someone Reads Curbed?

[Our email was busy last week with tips and commentary... until comments are up, keep it coming. Italics yours.]

185 St. Germain Avenue, $2,150,000:
They got about asking price, but it sure took a long time to move. Like forever.
· This Weekend on St Germain [Curbed SF]

The Beacon:
I heard from a realtor looking to sell a unit in the building that the lawsuit is pretty much over. The lawyer (Catalano) needed a certain percentage of the unit owners to join his onerous contingency fee arrangement to make it a class action lawsuit and he didn't get anywhere near the number of people he needed to sign up. Not sure if he completely withdrew the lawsuit from this and the other two projects(Metropolitan and Watermark) as everyone has been suspiciously quiet about the whole thing, but that's the latest rumor I heard (about a month ago). Realtors will say anything. Although for once this sounds plausible.
· The Beacon: It's All Over [Curbed SF]

1A Buena Vista East:
This is a ground floor/almost basement apartment. I've lived down the block for 2.5 years and I remember when this was for sale about 2 years ago. Asking price then was, I believe, in the 400s. I remember thinking it's good they bought those louvered blinds cause you can never open your windows without having all of Haight Street peeking in.
· Trulia Searches [Curbed SF]

315 Santa Barbara:
[Shown at top] Crazy Feng Shue... the open house was packed, doors kept opening and people popped in and out of rooms and passageways. Amazingly unattractive inside with successive additions tacked on like the Winchester House. All bathrooms still vintage, including one maroon and yellow. Go Redskins. Yes we could live in the pool house. It's got a kitchen, bath, sauna, sitting room and a potential bedroom. Pool is heated. Could be grand again. Now we know why it's still on the market.
· Where Are They Now?

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