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New Listings: Second Time Around

Big Cow Hollow Stucco: Went unsold last year. Strangely stripped down and very white inside. We call it peculiar. Although the hot tub sounds good, snow-blindness does not, and the whole project looks like a flip gone bad.
· 2842 Filbert Street [Montel Associates]

Tales of the City, rich people's version: House was offered last year and went unsold. it's all about the vertical- the living spaces are on the top floor, three flights up, renovated in a classic Monterey cottage style, with a roof deck on top of it all. First floor has one bedroom, second floor has two. Lots of cardio. Heart-stopping views, walled garden, garage plus private street parking, 2.5 ultra-swank bathrooms.
· 46 Culebra Terrace [Gomez & Patton]

Behind the Black Wall: 70% unsold last year. This circa 1908 house by Max Bugbee is now a TIC. It was on the market last year somewhat north of $1.7M including a cottage, which was later offered at around $400M. The main house is back on the the market for $1.25M, sans cottage. This TIC is, in turn, part of a cluster of three houses by Bugbee (he did a similar project one block away) which at some point in their past were surrounded by a board-and-batten fence, painted black, and given a swimming pool where the lawn once was. No disclosure on whether the pool is heated or who pays the pool boy or even if the lifeguard is cute. Or if there is a lifeguard. It is, however, just steps away from MUNI and Burgermeister at Carl and Cole.
· 61 Cole Street [Payton Stiewe, Sothebys]