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It's Chinatown, Jake

From Cameron Marlow's Overstated, a well-intentioned but ultimately futile attempt at describing corollary neighborhoods in New York and San Francisco. In this day of all things global, it's nice that the two cities are not especially homogenous. Like Hayes Valley is nowhere gay enough to be remotely like Chelsea. Although yes, the Marina is very like Murray Hill, especially when the frat boys are out vomiting on Chestnut Street. And someday, Treasure island will be Roosevelt Island. For now, it's reassuring to know that Chinatown will always be Chinatown, but we have Mexicans and New Yorkers have the entire Caribbean archipelago. And we liked the clever way Marlow replaced San Francisco Bay with Manhattan, above, except that it will block our view of Berkeley. Nice try, but we'll make sure it never gets out of Redevelopment.
· San Francisco Guide to New York Neighborhoods [Overstated]