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Craigslist, Hither and Yon

Preserved by the Mothership: A great moment at Craigslist.

Meanwhile, over at 368 Elm Street in our very own Hayes Valley, eight of the twenty-eight units are still for sale, and one's popped up on Craigslist for rent. $2600 a month. Depending on how much equity the investor has in the unit, that's roughly (very roughly) either 5% income annually or a negative cash flow of $10K a year, based on a purchase price of $549K. Teensy, but it has custom doors and an "alley" kitchen. "Alley" is exactly the word we always want linked to "kitchen." Along with "stainless steel" and "granite." Because now even the cheapest shitbag appliances now come in stainless steel. And granite can be so suburban. When it's not looking like a skin condition.
· 368 Elm Street [Paragon, via Craigslist]