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Real Estate Marches On

From a Curbed SF reader, this morning, a San Francisco tale of old age, renovation and annoyed neighbors at 43 Forest View:

A nice older gentleman lived there for decades. Sold the property in October 2006. Listed at $750K and sold for $805K. Flippers came in, made a mess of the neighborhood. Construction debris and garbage everywhere. Blocked all neighbors's driveways for 3 months with their trucks. They added a bathroom and a so-called 3rd bedroom in the garage. Did a budget remodel of kitchen and bathroom upstairs... listed on Feb 1, 2007 asking $988K with one realtor (the same one who listed it back in October). Not staged, barely finished (some missing cabinet doors, shelves, etc). A week later, different listing agent, increased asking price to $998K. Still not staged and still not quite finished. Just another day in SF real estate.Backstory? Elderly gentleman had lived there for years. So long the it was only valued at (info per Property Shark) $54K for property taxes of $618.00 a year. To put some perspective on that amount, think dinner for two at The French Laundry. The new tax bill will be more like $12K. Good thing In-N-Out is only minutes away. Permits all in order, probably no certificate of occupancy yet, and work done with permits commands a premium. Sloppiness and driveway-blocking unforgiveable, but now it's over. Pre-renovation pics here, and we're thinking a profit- if sold at the asking price- of around $70K. Not for the faint-hearted.
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