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The Beacon: It's All Over

In reponse to a post about condo inventory, from someone of the sales staff at The Beacon:

Really now? the Beacon was ill-conceived? I’ll have you know that the Beacon has only twenty units left and is selling at a pace of two per week. By the time we’re done, around March/April, that will represent 595 units sold in exactly two years. If really believe an absorption pace of six units per month is ill-conceived, then, like so many others in SF, your standards have been warped by over-wrought expectations engendered in the frenzy of 2003-2004.We couldn't be more thrilled. Although two units a week is eight a month, not six, at which rate it would take over six years. Whatever. Which means that The Beacon has dropped prices, pre-paid leased parking and HOA dues in addition to offering mortgages at under 5%. As for "over-wrought expectations" how are the lawsuits going?
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