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Um, Fabulous!

A new feature at Curbed SF, Um, Fabulous! for those moments where we would be otherwise rendered speechless. Send us your recommendations, but here's an inaugural trifecta:

18 Esquinal: just when you thought everything in San Francisco had been staged you discover something slipped through the net. $760K.
· 18 Esquinal [Tonga Palega/CB via MLS]

203 Caselli: That's quite a paint job. Somehow the realtor managed to restrain the seller on the interior, although we're wondering about the silver trim in the living room. Radical Faeries? With green thumbs. $1,299K.
· 203 Caselli [Greg Damelio/Cashin via MLS]

1546 Baker: Inside a quirkily wonderful house, a walk-up bathtub straight out of Maurice Sendak. $899K.
· 1546 Baker [Steve Lawson/Frank Howard A via MLS]