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Real Estate, on the Interweb!

From the New York Times: web presence, digital photography and floorplans do matter. Nationally, 80% of buyers use the internet to search for new homes, 24% actually see the house they buy online.

“When you look at the difference between professional photos and ones taken by brokers with digital cameras, it's not hard to see that you get what you pay for, said Lauren Cangiano, a senior vice president of Halstead Property in New York.In most cases the agent pays for professional photography and digitizing floor plans, so it's no surprise that in markets where anything sells, you see the least investment on images. On the other hand, almost everything is now staged, so even bad pics look good. We think of it as on-line dating. Best quote?When you look at a floor plan, it is the apartment standing there naked.Which is why we call it floor-plan porn. Here in San Francisco, it's usually only new developments that have floor plans online. Exceptions? Top agents Malin Giddings and Payton Stiewe. His floor porn for 68 Fair Oaks above.
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