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Where Are They Now?

St. Francis Wood: 315 Santa Clara, the grand Marston & Hurd with the funky swimming pool wing, price chopped from $2,825,000 to $2,650,000. Would someone please take down the evil window treatments? On the market since November.
· Bring Your Architect [Curbed SF]

Glen Park/Diamond Heights: Last week's mid-century, 46 Digby, in escrow after 11 days. Feels like LA? Yes.
· 46 Digby

Nimby's in Marin? Say it isn't so. Marin Real Estate Bubble scopes out the Eagle Rock nabe where residents are vocally opposing small homes built by Habitat for Humanity. Site would make an awesome trailer park. Or a tent city for Darfur refugees.
· Stakeout of Habitat for Humanity Proposed Tiburon Site [MREB]

Belle Epoque: Thirty meters north of Whole Foods, the very comme il faut flat on Franklin went into escrow after about three weeks.
· Francophones on Franklin [Curbed SF}