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New Mint, Next to the Old Mint

Yet another component of downtown redevelopment is getting ready for its close-up. The mixed-use project adjacent to the historic San Francisco Mint- we tell you that only because "Mint Plaza" sounds more like the world headquarters for Mentos- should be hosting its first open houses very soon. Promises of a "captivating French Bistro" and "a two-story Nuevo-Latino/Peruvian restaurant-lounge" plus the usual firness center, spa and parking. All this around a refreshingly correct urban plaza.

To our knowledge, the first project to open in San Francisco that's both condo and rental from the outset. Everyone seems to get parking and no mention of BMR units that we could discern on the mixed-use website, which will give you hours of floorplan porn, fully furnished. We've already tried rearranging the furniture; must be our browser. Aside from what looks like good finishes and well-considered layouts. the units are in renovated vintage commercial buildings instead of the usual yuppie roach motels that have been built all over SoMa.
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