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Greener Than Thou: Going Organic at La Casa Verde

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Though it doesn't mention names, the Chron's recent article on the Sunset Idea House sympathizes with the relentless pummeling La Casa Verde has endured in the blogosphere, claiming that all of the gossip has detracted away from the house's accomplishment as a LEED-certified project. Objection sustained. The Chron bent over backwards to prove La Casa Verde owner and developer Robin Wilson's green cred; the article reads as a veritable advert for the mess of designer products and finishes used to green up the joint. Green, schmeen— we'll leave the LEED argument to y'all. What caught our eye is Wilson's oxymoronic commentary on the infamous 50-foot turbine installed in the guardian garden. PETA types have objected on the grounds of possible avian annihilation. Not to fear, says Wilson. "This doesn't spin fast enough to pose a risk," Wilson said of her turbine. "Because they can always see the blades, the birds are more likely to run into a window." Free organic fertilizer— another green innovation brought to us by La Casa Verde.
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