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Future Forward: 340-342 South Van Ness

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Strap on your strategy caps, and hear us out for a moment. 340-42 South Van Ness occupies a what some may consider a marginal locale (btw. 14th and 15th Streets). It's not so far from the freeway, but it is further away from the Mission Hotel, no doubt the bane of The Citrino's existence.) Let's pause and think about this one for a moment though: For better or worse, the Mission is blowing up on the construction front. Just a few blocks back, on 14th between Valencia and Guerrero, is a whole new bank of what appear to be condominiums. Chelsea Park, new units on 20th and 24th Streets— not to mention the construction further down on South Van Ness itself. Three 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom units (Legal for 3, but "could be 4+"). Sold "as is." (Realtors, should we be alarmed here?) $750,000. Yes, the Mission in gentrifying like lightening. But for those who don't give a flying f$@k, here's a reason to project toward the future.
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