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Readers Poll Early Reveal: Hottest Glass In San Francisco

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As of close of business yesterday, we had a nearly even draw between 555 Mission Street and The Millennium Tower— it appeared that both have the hottest glass in San Francisco. In an overnight upset unlike any we've seen before, The Infinity pulled ahead to decimate both buildings (and One Rincon, who never had a chance to begin with). The numbers: Out of 173 total reader votes, The Infinity crossed the finish line with 74 votes (42.8%). Second and third places went to The Millennium Tower with 50 votes (28.9%) and 555 Mission Street with 41 votes (23.7%). One Rincon Hill tore its hamstring during the first 100 yards of the race, and was forced to pull out with only 8 votes (4.6%). Well done you three; meet us at the podium in 15 for a little national anthem/ gold medal/ laurel wreath action. And don't forget your cool down.
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