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RE Assistants: Assist, Take Shit

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In today's Chron, "Surreal Estate" scribe Carol Lloyd wonders what, exactly, real estate agents' assistants do? Invoking the Captain Obvious school of logic, we suspect that real estate assistants slog through the same sort of tasks as do assistants the world over (specialized to their field, of course). We discovered an interesting case in Sarah Billipp, assistant to SF power broker Nina Hatvany— and an enthusiastic one at that.:

With a B.A. in art and an M.A. in medical research, Sarah Billipp, assistant to San Francisco TRI Coldwell Banker's Nina Hatvany, doesn't cut a typical profile in the real estate world. "I was working as a medical researcher at Harvard," she said. "And when I decided to move to San Francisco, I thought I would be writing for medical journals." But when she faced the gloomy financial prospects of a professional scribbler, she decided to get her license . . . We indulged in a hearty chuckle while reading through a comments box filled with insults toward those like Sarah for earning their licenses and not practicing as full time realtors. (In a spectacular case of unwitting self-effacement, one agent even ripped on the ease of the licensing test, noting how little effort it takes to become an agent.) Confidential to one Sarah Billipp: No shame in hanging back, respecting your boss, and getting paid, girl; you are a hustler, and a strategic one at that— those novels will come along soon enough. (And we're sure that RE test was serious brain drain for you, too. Just like those medical exams.)
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