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Eater Tastings: Condo Chefs, Contests, NIMBY Fits

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Friday + Curbed SF + Eater SF = Link Love

1) Another day, another case of "celebrity chef meets multi-million dollar condominium development." Enter Boulevard chef Nancy Oakes's (rumored) arrival at the Infinity. While the deal isn't yet sealed, we think this is a smart move on Nancy's part— by now, she's surely staked out parking in the area. Convenient.

2) Contest! Eater SF is offering $100 smacks to the best-worst holiday restaurant window out there. Wanted: tackiness in whatever way, shape, or form you find it in. Send your snaps along like the good little elves we know you are.

3) Hissy fit in the Castro! Nabe fave Cafe Flore's owners are threatening closure unless the following demands are met: They'd like to stay open later, serve alcohol, and have a D.J. Some just aren't having it, though. An Eater SF reader claims that the cafe's owners overpaid for the building, are in over their heads financially, and are thus looking for ways to increase revenue and save their asses (read: flip the joint).