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CurbedWire: Best Laid Plans

[Japantown schematics by EDAW Inc. architects; courtesy EDAW and Robin Chang]

THE PRESIDIO—Earlier in the week, Don Fisher unveiled Gluckman Mayner's design for CAMP, his pet project and the subject of much contention across the land. Reader poll numero uno grew out of the ensuing debate; CAMP went by the wayside and the De Young taking home the gold.

SOMA—Earlier in the week, we announced the much anticipated topping off of 555 Mission Street which happened today. "Who has the hottest glass in San Francisco?" we asked our readers. In a last minute upset, The Infinity bested all other contenders.

JAPANTOWN—Plans were unveiled today for the redevelopment of Japantown. Interesting concepts, drawings; hope abounds, reader poll begins. Reveal on Monday. Holding . . .