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Poll: Hottest Glass in San Francisco?

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Dare we introduce two polls in one week? Oh yes, we do. (You know that you love our silly polls. Love them.) 555 Mission Street is topping off tomorrow, and thus we must make a very crucial decision: Who has the best ass glass in town? We've rejected the PETA method (counting dead birds) for a democratic reader vote. So clickety click-click away.

[image of One Rincon Hill courtesy Flickr photog Octoferret;
Infinity courtesy flickr photog mchoey; The Millennium Tower courtesy Flickr photog Davum16]

[Major Ed note: We regretfully omitted Kohn Pederson Fox as architects for 555 Mission Street. Both KPF and Heller Manus are listed by Tischman Speyer as architects of record.]

The Infinity

301 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website

555 Mission St

555 Mission Street, , CA 94105