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Broken: Workers Take Dive From Scaffolding, Are Saved

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Just under an hour ago, the Chronicle ran the following AP item:

Two workers have been pulled to safety after dangling from collapsed scaffolding outside a San Francisco building. A fire department spokesman says one of the men was pulled by co-workers onto the roof of the building, while the other was rescued by firefighters. The men were dangling from their safety ropes between the 18th and 19th floors. The spokesman didn't know what kind of work the men were doing on the scaffolding or why it collapsed. Both of the men were transported to area hospitals. We know that two men took an unfortunate dive, and that they were saved. Um, details? Luckily, the Chron's readers feel the same as us; after sifting through the comment box, ( and confirming elsewhere) we found the scoop: one reader claims that the incident occurred at a building on the corner of Jackson Street and Davis Street just across from Safeway. Golden Gate Apartments, to be precise. Three, not two; minor injuries reported. Can we get a witness? Best wishes to the danglers, truly— hope you're actually OK, not just reportedly so.
· 2 workers pulled to safety after scaffolding collapse in SF [Chron]