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Warming Hut Back In Business at Crissy Field

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Last January, Crissy Field's Warming Hut was forced to close. The certified-green operation's all-renewable/recyclable make-up (shredded blue jeans for wall insulation; salvaged menu board; formaldehyde-free fixtures) proved slightly less than fire retardant when a nearby Park Service vehicle (electric, naturally) caught fire and it spread to the store. The cafe/bookstore reopened Monday, having at last recovered from smoke and water damage. The Park Service has taken the bold fire-prevention steps of mandating that its lightweight electric cars be parked far away from historic wooden buildings and adding a sprinkler. Whew. In a possibly related measure, hot sandwiches are no longer on the menu . . .
· Warm it up, Crissy: Beloved hut is back [SF Examiner]