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Gathering Dust at 198 Judah Street

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On the market for more than 250 days now, 198 Judah St. is a sizable home in the Inner Sunset.

List price: $1.35 million
Vital stats: Three stories, 12 rooms (6 beds, 3 baths); 3,100+ sq. feet. Detached 2-car garage.
The pitch: "Trophy home near UCSF and Golden Gate Park . . . designated as a historically & architectually [sic] significant building & among the best 10% of San Francisco's buildings."
Why's it lingering?: We're subscribers to that old "if something's too good to be true . . ." cliche. From what we've heard, the "needs repairs" line in the MLS description is a bit of an understatement. $427 per sq. foot is of little value if the time, money, and effort you need to get a place up to code or livable is exhaustive. But enough of our speculation— let's hear some of yours.
· 198 Judah St. [MLS]