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Rental Watch: Minty Fresh Offers Self, Mini Coop

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Yesterday we reported a conspicuous lack of activity at Mint Plaza. Today, The Fresh One made a rebound and proved our smart asses wrong. It's a renter's market, and Minty is rolling with the punches: A Craigslist ad proffering two units for $3,400 and and $4,400, respectively, (not the $3,200 listed in the headline) arrived on the rental scene less than an hour ago. Perks include 24-hour security (natch), a dog run, proximity to Mezzanine and the maybe-soon-to-never-be-opened restaurant coterie. And the exclusive use of a black City Car Share Mini Coop reserved for the entire four-building premises. (Do we sign up on a clipboard, or what?) Minty's tagline: "Residents can walk out their door and enjoy dining, drinks and entertainment from morning through evening." For the moment, we're not holding our breath on the entertainment front.
· $3200 / 1br - New STELLAR Modern Urban Dwelling | roofdeck, gym + more! (SOMA / south beach)
· The Mint Collection [website]

[Former Hass candy factory unit; Image courtesy the Mint Collection]