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CAMP revealed: Fisher Delivers Design

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Don Fisher has revealed a tentative design for his Presidio pet project, CAMP. (Which means, sadly, that we'll lay off the Whitney Museum Photoshoppage for the moment). Starchitects Gluckman Mayner Architects have envisioned a modernist mass designed with both the art and the building's surroundings in mind; glass walls, for instance, will allow for a clear view of the work installed inside. Mind you, Gluckman Manyner face stiff competition (note dry humor) from website-less Bogatay Architects, designers of the history museum that Fisher's opponents insist belong on the site. At last night's public hearing on the subject— over 200 were in attendance— Fisher honed in our city's love of the green, offering a final "value" add in the form of a $10M donation toward the $45M needed to green the grounds surrounding his building. Clever man. Back to the subject at hand: Gluckman Mayner, yeah or nay?
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[top image courtesy Gluckman Mayner Architects; bottom image courtesy Bogatay Architects; both images courtesy the San Francisco Chronicle]