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Living in Mall Prompts San Francisco Flashbacks, Fear of Hell

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Former San Francisco resident Donna Niles is one of the so-called "suburban pioneers" flocking to "Nouvelle at Natick," a quickly rising condominium complex outside of Boston that offers its residents private elevator access to ... the Natick Mall. Former city-dwellers and ex-Floridian retirees are flocking to this built-to-scale model of the Seventh Circle of Hell: The 2,200 square-foot, $1.6 million unit overlooks JC Penny. Most disconcerting, however, is Ms. Niles' (delusional) association between Nouvell at Natick and San Francisco:

I have lived in the Back Bay, and it was very collegiate, very busy and noisy. "It just wasn't San Francisco," said Donna Niles, a director of creative services for a fragrance company in her 30s who once lived on the West Coast and is now is mulling the purchase of a Nouvelle at Natick unit. "I think living at the mall would have a little more of that feeling."· 3BR, mall view: Condos linked to retail promise taste of city, and no hassle [Boston Globe]
· Nouvelle at Nantick [website] [Image of Nantick Mall courtesy Cabana Charters and Tours Unlimited]