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CurbedWire: Trouble Near Transamerica?

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT—This just in from a hawk-eyed reader, sent along under the subject heading "New Monstrosity by TA Pyramid?" An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is underway for 555 Washington Street (at Sansome), a 38-story apartment building for which our informant predicts an oncoming "San Diego Special" treatment:

This is (thank God) way before construction. I guess there will be a wee bit of opposition. And of course, after a fight, the developer will graciously cut his project down to 25 stories or something equally awful. At the moment there's a drab 10 story or so office building, and an empty lot where a little brick building used to be (unitl about 5 years ago). This is all on the northeast corner of the block that holds the Transamerica Building. The monstrosity would be about as tall. Strangle this deformity in its crib, please.