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Curbed SF Awards '07: Neighborhoods and Neighbors

You were, in fact, wondering whether Curbed SF would slap up some "best of 2007" linkage, weren't you? Enter the 2007 Curbed SF Awards. From now until the moment we break for the new year— which is in a couple of hours, thankfully— we'll be honoring the best, worst, and most random of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate, and architectural developments.

1) Most Talked About Nabe: What an action-packed year, SoMa. Development galore, crime out the wazoo, class wars, city ordinances, transportation nightmares, fires . . . like a hurricane, we swear.

2) Rowdiest Neighbors: We dare you to mess with the North Beach Neighborhood Association or the Telegraph Hill Dwellers. Fear the North Beach nabes. Fear. Them.

3) Sketchiest Nabe: Though San Francisco has seen an overall up tick in crime this year— can't blame it all on the Tenderloin— we'll just go ahead and continue watching our backs in the 'Loin. Wish you better times in 2008, kid.

4) Good Hood Award: Thanks to the efforts of upstanding citizen Jamie Whittaker and his Rincon Hill SF blog, 'ole Rincon Hill presents itself as one big snuggle fest. And about that big, tall monstrosity building lording over it all . . .