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Homeless Debate on Forefront Following GG Park Student Stabbing

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"Game on" for the ongoing Golden Gate Park homeless debate following this past weekend's (decidedly brutal, but non-fatal) stabbing of California College of the Arts exchange student by a 23 year-old park denizen. As per the usual round-robin of local media coverage on the subject, the Chron has positioned the attack as another example of increasing violence in the Outer Sunset due (in part) to the park's homeless population: The SFBG politics blog has accused the paper of sensationalism, natch. (Beyond Chron has yet to weigh in, for the record.) The ironic plot twist to this already warped tale? The victim is part of a group of European students who are living communally while creating a (long anticipated, school-sponsored) social experiment-cum-video documentary that focuses on the nabe, which they reportedly love.
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[Homelessness: it's a problem. Image courtesy a vigilant reader; subject line read Re: "Help a Sister Out."]

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