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Politics As Usual: School Playgrounds Go Public

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"Schools as Community Hubs," Mayor Newsom's latest program, will give kids a wholesome place to engage in some weekend merriment by opening school playgrounds to the public. The goal is for one in every 'hood; right now he's lined up five. The irony: the place from where he made the initial announcement, Di-Fi Elementary, isn't playing nice with the program (for the moment, at least). The school's parents protested, afraid of having the place thrashed despite the city taking on the responsibility for any vandalism—not to mention liability for any injuries—that occur during the new hours. Wouldn't folks rather have their kids playing at James Lick Middle School on the weekend than, say, an empty lot or construction site somewhere? Or are these parents simply bound and determined to groom their children for imminent NIMBYism?
· S.F. to open playground gates [The Examiner]
· Dianne Feinstein Elementary School [SF Unified School District]

[Image of Dianne Feinstein Elementary's playground courtesy San Francisco Unified School District website]