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Rental Watch: Shorty on Shipley Street

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Every once in a while we take a spin through Craigslist housing forum with the sole intent of finding out what, exactly, your average renter can find for a given price (today we're sticking to a baseline $1500 dollar range).

We know that the rental market has gone straight to Hades when one of Trinity Management's perpetually listed 'Loin shiz holes— some of the most suspiciously cheap properties on the rental market— skyrockets to $1775/month. That said, we felt a pang of hope in our jaded hearts upon finding this $1450 "quiet and sunny" 1-bedroom unit on the second floor of a SoMa Victorian. Looks pleasant enough. But for only $1450? At first we attributed the price to location— Shipley Street between 5th/ 6th and Folsom/ Harrison Streets. That is, until we caught the following: "Cozy size bedroom w/small closet – very ideal for a single and tight for 2. 9’ ceiling. [sic]" Nothing like a good, confounded description and a few typos to crush one's rental dreams.
· $1450 / 1br - Quiet and Sunny Victorian 1-BR (SOMA / south beach) [Craigslist]