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PG&E Solar Billboard Revealed

PG&E unveiled the nation's first solar powered billboard in a ceremony of some sort conducted at 1000 Brannan Street at 10 a.m. today. And here it is. Wow. Obviously, it's not so spectacular to look at: Following the breathless fawning of the press, we thought that it might knock us down like the Yahoo neon monstrosity, which is seizure inducing fun in a garishly campy sort of way. Instead, it's a flash in the pan, another blob on the visual radar while whizzing down the freeway. The billboard generates about 3.4 kilowatts of solar energy, approximately as much as a home solar panel system. Eco-innovation quotient: high enough. Hottness quotient: Yawn.
· PG&E Launches the Nation's First Solar-Powered Billboard