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Curbed SF Awards '07: Worst Holiday Decor

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You were, in fact, wondering whether Curbed SF would slap up some "best of 2007" linkage, weren't you? Enter the 2007 Curbed SF Awards (not to be confused with the Curbed Cup, which we'll also hand out today). From now until the moment we break for happy hour hot toddies, we'll be honoring the best (and maybe worst, here and there) of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate, and architectural developments. Brace, 'cause we'll be droppin' em blitzkrieg style.

We're moving along to the best stuff after this one— promise. But how could we resist calling out this holiday monstrosity plunked down in the courtyard outside of JP Morgan Chase, just across the street from 555 Mission Street? And if you thought it was confined to the outdoors, check out the lobby: yes, that's a Roy Lichtenstein painting trapped among the kitch. Poor thing.

555 Mission St

555 Mission Street, , CA 94105