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Curbed SF Awards '07: Development I: Buildings

You were, in fact, wondering whether Curbed SF would slap up some "best of 2007" linkage, weren't you? Enter the 2007 Curbed SF Awards. From now until the moment we break for the new year, we'll be honoring the best, worst, and most random of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate, and architectural developments.

1) Most Innovative Retrofit: While we're tempted to pass this one off to the Hayes, we're going to go with Esprit Park— not only will its residences occupy reused buildings, but builders are negotiating with the highway overpass and leaving surrounding redwoods intact. Hell, they're transforming the sales office into a private, one-off residence. Bonus.

2) Hottest Glass In San Francisco: Besting The Millennium Towers, One Rincon Hill, and 555 Mission Street for the award, our readers thought The Infinity's glass was sexiest of all.

3) Greenest of the Green: The Arterra, obviously.

4) Earthquake Deathtrap Award of Excellence: One Rincon Hill, according to some. The Transbay Terminal Towers, though not yet built, are expected to usurp One Rincon in 2010.

5) Most Architectural Street Cred: Stanley Saitowitz's 1234 Howard Street lofts are only one in a series of recent and upcoming projects by this building machine.

555 Mission St

555 Mission Street, , CA 94105