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Eater Tastings: Soon to Open, Already Closed

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Nepotism: the gift that keeps on giving. Join us again as Eater and Curbed congratulate themselves for surviving another toilsome work week.

1) Opening: Will Kuletoville become the New Black, the new flop or ... neither? So wonders Eater SF of chef Pat Kuleto's pet projects Epic Roast House and Waterbar (dubbed "Fishneyland"). Both are showing distinct signs of life— staffing, landscaping— and are expected to gross over $10 million each. Expect Rincon Hill to roll out the welcome wagon during the final week of January.

2) Opening: NoPa just might in fact be SF's newest "gourmet ghetto," concedes Eater SF. Candyland, the city's very first desssert lounge, will open its Fulton Street candy jar in February, while Minibar will take over the former barbershop at 837 Divisadero. Tonight marks the unveiling of nabe standby Fly Bar following its recent renovation closure. Suggested paring: the #5 Fulton, with service to Ocean Beach for the after-party.

3) Closed: Chinatown institution Imperial Tea Court, the self-proclaimed "first traditional Chinese tea court in America," shuttered its Powell Street outpost on Wednesday. It's Berkeley and Ferry Building locales are humming along nicely— surprise!— and rumors do have it that the original will rise again somewhere else. Like the Marina.

[Minibar rendering courtesy the Eater]