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Federal Funding to Save the 49ers?

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Last week's $82 million windfall of Federal Funding for the cleanup of the radioactive Hunters Point Shipyard will undoubtedly hasten the transformation of the area, but it might not be fast enough to keep the 49ers. The Navy estimates that it will need 10 years to finish the cleanup but the 49ers need their new stadium by 2012, and those numbers just don't add up. (Read: the team just can't cope with their defeat by Curbed SF's planning team— knew it.) This isn't even considering the problems of parking and how fans would actually get to the new stadium. Infrastructure would have to be added and improved, and that might just push back the timeline further. Mayor Newsom has been making some big moves — he has high hopes of keeping the team in the city — and will ask voters to approve the Hunters Point development on the June 3rd ballot, hopefully saving the team from migrating to (lame) Santa Clara.
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