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Peep That Vizz-zay-zay: VizzVox Video Site Is Popular, Has Potential

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Did anyone else happen to notice that in 945 words— the length of today's Chron article written by RE reporter Carol Lloyd— there was no direct linkage to VizzVox, the YouTube of real estate and subject of the piece? All together now: Hype. Er. Links. Hyperlinks! Lloyd's gist is as follows: VizzVox exists, is useful, and has been embraced by the real estate community, whose agents are willing to pay $150 to post often professional produced video spots. (Professional voiceovers: $50. Scriptwriting: $70.) We suppose it is (in part, at least) the time allowance for VizzVox— up to an hour— and the attractive interface that makes the service more appealing than the free, and much more widely read/ accessed YouTube?

Regardless, it's not until she speaks about specific realtors' success with the produce that Lloyd gets down with the linkage— to said realtors' own tours, that is. We logged on the the 'ole Vox, hoping to find some hilarity to post here. Result? No public search engine! (Read: we want one stop shopping, 'Tube style.) Vizzie, you've got everything going for you— beauty, style. So work out those kinks and get back to us, mmmkay?
· VizzVox provides tools that can turn homes for sale into movie stars [Chron]