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Holiday Special: Marketing Like the Pros Do

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The Craigslist housing forums have grown only more amusing in the past weeks as homeowners concoct creative ploys to swap/ shill their homes for the holidays. Introducing Holiday Special, Curbed SF's new seasonal feature. Join us for the next month or so as we study the latest form of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Searching for a holiday swap? Let us broker the deal.

The time is nigh, and yet there are a glut of San Franciscans out there still struggling to pawn off their pads for the x-mess holiday. We're often simultaneously confused and amused by the marketing efforts adopted by the layman when trying to shill their pads. Case in point: The Flickr photo set(s) compiled to highlight this series of Nob Hill rentals. Looks like someone's taking their cues from the Citrino, no?
· $240 / 1br - Stunning Golden Gate Bridge Views-Great Artwork (nob hill) [Craigslist]