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Curbed Cup FINAL ROUND: Hayes Valley vs. The Mission

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And here we are, at the final round— not that painful now, was it? What a show of fine sportsmanship, San Francisco! Yesterday's vote yielded another landslide win, this time for The Mission, whose 135 votes (67.6%) trampled Potrero Hill's measly 64 (32.2%). One more go: Which nabe— the Mission or SoMa Hayes Valley— deserved the Curbed Cup? Remember: this isn't simply a "best neighborhood" contest. We're looking at the big picture: which hood had the most real estate, retail, and resto action? Which would you buy in, or spend your Friday night hanging around? We're leaving the poll open over the holidaze, so limber up and vote one last time!

[Ed note: Reader Gina pointed out to us that SoMa did, in fact, lose out to Hayes Valley. Headline appended. And so, tail between legs, we hobble along toward the holidays . . .]