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Re-imagining SF Transit

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Transbay Blog has created a dream-scenario for a new San Francisco subway system and we like what we see. It's no secret that San Francisco's train system really doesn't make too much sense. Buses are good and fine, but come one — they're just not as reliable, quick, or cool as a nice underground/overground train. Transbay's proposal extends BART and MUNI systems out to the Richmond and North Beach, and takes into consideration the inevitable development of Hunters Point. We've got to applaud the effort that went into this re-imagining. Check out Transbay's complete brief for more information. Sadly, there's nary a double-decker bus to be seen.
· Subway Dream (San Francisco) [Transbay Blog]

[reimagined subway image courtesy Transbay's flickr page]

UPDATE: Check out the East Bay version, too.