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South Beach: Loft in a Building, in a Building

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On the market is a two bedroom in 650 Delancey Street, a.k.a. the Oriental Warehouse. Priced at $1,193,00, the 1554 sq ft loft is not one of the largest units in the building but it does offer a private gated patio, deeded parking, bamboo floors (green alert!), and custom built-in fixtures. The South Beach structure was renovated in 1996 by architects Fisher-Friedman Associates as a building within a building. (Meta!) The outer brick shell is the preserved remains of the 1868 Pacific Mail Steamship Company Oriental Warehouse. 650 Delancey probably still stores a fair share tea, coffee, and silk, albeit of the Mighty Leaf, Blue Bottle, and Prada variety.
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[Interior images via AFI Real Estate]