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Curbed Answers: Market Street Art Identified

You don't know anything, we don't know anything ... Enter Ask Curbed SF, where we relay your burning befuddlements to our readers. Somebody out there knows something, we're sure of it! Confused? Come toward the light.

We're pleased to present a very thorough answer to yesterday's query, delivered forth by both a reader and the source. Muses a reader:

The Luggage Store Gallery on Market had a show open December 14th. When I was in the space there was a tag instructing people to look out the window and across the street, to this installation. I am, not positive it was created by an artist in the show, “In the Fullness of Time: Celebrating Twenty Years” but I believe they are connected . . .Im sure someone knows more?. This morning, we received a confirmation directly from the gallery: The installation, a joint project between artist Elaine Buckholtz and the Luggage Store, is a part of the gallery's anniversary exhibition. Building owners Jamie and David Addington also lent their cooperation to the project. We had a hunch that this was a Luggage Store doing.
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